Kejurda Roadrace IMI Jambi serie 1st March 16 – 17, 2013

March 27, 2013 3:59 am Published by Comments Off – Three months earlier this year was the start of the first series of the race events in various regions of Indonesia. Likewise in Jambi where it started from November 16 – March 17, 2013 and wherein the  Roadrace IMI Jambi regional championship series premiere started yesterday. The Circuit race took place in the temporary Kotabaru Monas trach participated in by at least 400 racers from various cities across the Region.


The race was able to collect 600 starters, who competed in a total of 11 classes. NHK co-sponsored an advanced helmet which also serves as a preview and advanced event sponsor for several racing teams like YRS Aben NHK Koni City of Edinburgh, XI Tech, etc.

The match was opened on Sunday morning by the Mayor of Jambi Dr Bambang Priyanto. The weather was cloudy and rainy for a while which was a welcome situation so as to prepare the track to be muddy and slippery for additional challenge. The spectators of nearly 5,000 showed support proving that Jambi and its nearby towns is a potential area for racing. Many supported the young talents. The Mayor of Jambi himself committed later in the second period that if selected, He will build a permanent circuit in Jambi province.


The  race marked by several small incidents finally ended hailing Yudha Pratama from Aben YRS Team Koni Jambi City as the champion in the class Bebek 4 No 110 s / d 125 cc Tune Up Open (MP1 and MP2) and in the class MP4 Bebek 4 stroke 110 cc Seeded Tune Up. Meanwhile Reza Pahlawan X1 Tech team NHK RT 4 Tak 125 cc Bebek MP3 Tune Up came next. Originating in class ambi MP3 and MP4, Luky Anggara worked out as champions.

The competition, which finished on time thanks to the expert handling of the Steering committee made the event a successful start to the season which triggeredthe spirit of the young drivers that were more this 2013.

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